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Walrus Uncovered

A Merry Christmas in Photos
From The Sheehan World

Kathy Sheehan in Christmas 2008 hot tub

Very best wishes for a happy hot tub ... er, ... holiday season from The Sheehan World.

A stoic Michael Sheehan and Santa

Michael E. Sheehan didn't shed any tears when he met Santa Claus this year. But he does have that stoic Sheehan look, doesn't he?

Connor McCarthy

Connor J. McCarthy is Michael Sheehan's cousin, and another great-nephew of Sheehan World publisher Kathy Sheehan.

Ho Ho Ho!

There are only two princesses young enough to have their photo taken with Santa this year. And "Molly Moe" Mahoney (right) was the one brave enough to sit on Santa's lap. Molly lives in Massachusetts, too.

Molly Mahoney's first Christmas

Princess Paige Cook is shy around Santa Claus, but not around a camera!

Paige Cook, Christmas Eve 2008

Aiden with snowman in Florida

Aidan Sheehan, shown here with his new friend "Frosty," had a warm Christmas in Florida.

Christmas tree on Verdun Street

The Sheehan Family home and Christmas tree in Cambridge, MA, about 8 years ago.

Michael Sheehan, 2007 XmasMichael Sheehan's
first Christmas in 2007

For some other photos of the snowy December we have had in the Pacific Northwest, view Capt. Kathy's MobileMe Photo Gallery.

Santa Claus naked

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