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Windsurfing sucks!

Despite protestations and threats from her husband, Sheehan World publisher Kathy Sheehan has announced her retirement from the "Shred Betty" circuit after a disabling knee injury in Montana.

Sheehan suffered a "grade 2" sprain of a knee ligament (MCL); a badly bruised patella; and other bone bruises while windsurfing on Flathead Lake in Montana in early August.

Kathy Sheehan,
at left
with her windsurfer
just moments before
the fateful fall
into Flathead Lake

The licensed master of ships up to 50 tons said she had decided that seven years of serving as the rigging of a small boat -- instead of its captain -- was enough. The knee injury curtailed her employment at Penmar Marine in Anacortes for the summer and put a damper on vacation plans she had in August.

"Windsurfing sucks," Sheehan said repeatedly when asked for more details of her accident.

"Windsurfing sucks," she added when asked about her ongoing rehabilitation program aimed at allowing her to walk normally, run and jump aboard a boat.

"Windsurfing sucks," she said.
the gang at sinclair

Sheehan was on crutches for several weeks after the accident but managed to get away to Sinclair Island for a few days in August with her husband, Chuck, the erstwhile, evil windsurfing instructor, and a few friends.

At left is the gang who waited on a crippled Kathy at the Viqueen Lodge on Sinclair Island.

Sheehan also entertained lots of company in August and October, including Patricia and Daniel Mahoney who traversed the Pacific Northwest for the first time.

At left, they are enjoying the beach at Deception Pass.

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