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The Sheehan World
Vol. 10, No. 1 Summer 2004
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Sheehan kids celebrate
birthdays; never grow up

JULY, 2004 — Just weeks apart this summer, Bob Sheehan and Patricia Mahoney celebrated milestone birthdays.

The two, who always act their age, tried to pretend that turning 40 and 50, respectively, was no big deal.

Heck, they've both had graying hair for more than a decade. And always misbehave at photo-taking time.

Bob and Trish, Sept. 03

Trisha, the older (nyah, nyah) sister of Sheehan World publisher Kathy Sheehan, turned 50 (!!) July 11 and spent a quiet evening (hah ha ha ha) at a hepatitis-free restaurant in Harvard Square.

She recently started a new job as a certified nurse's aide in an assisted living center and is reportedly checking out the rooms as possible retirement spots, now that she is officially over the hill. Practically decrepit!

Bob, the baby brother formerly known as Robert, turned 40 on June 22 and spent his birthday go-cart-racing with friends while his pregnant wife whispered to her unborn child: "Don't ever drive like your Dad, V2.0."


Did she say pregnant!?

Yes! Bob and Rosemary are expecting Version 2.0 in mid September.

"Oh, by the way, ... Rosemary is pregnant," the big guy told some of his siblings in late winter.

It will be the first child for Bob and Rosemary, whose wedding two Septembers ago set off a frenzy of September Sheehan weddings that hasn't yet stopped. The Virgo baby, is to be named V2.0, after the cryptic e-mail the Internet Samurai sent out announcing the pregnancy: "Version 2.0 now in Beta production. Final packaging to be determined in mid September."

Auntie Kathy is very excited to have yet another niece or nephew. But she's especially delighted to be able to show Sheehan World readers an exclusive, undoctored, never-before-seen picture of ... "Rosemary's Baby!"

Actually, the deer ... er dear child is going to be beautiful, with long, thick, curly eyelashes, just like the father, and a cute little nose, just like the mother's. Everyone will be positively fawning over the baby in September.


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