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In Memory of Guy Mulford, April 4, 1958 - Jan. 1, 2001
Vol. 7, No. 2

Spring 2001
Archive Edition

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(Spring 2001) — Spring has hit the Pacific Northwest in full force, with numerous birthday celebrations, several new gigs for the faux-Beatles band The Walrus and at least one marriage proposal.

Two lips on Guy's organ
(Guy Mulford's
favorite pun)

The Walrus will be playing at the Tulip Festival in Mount Vernon April 21 and has gigs almost every weekend in April and May. The artists formerly known as the Haole Boys, now known as the Sofa Kings, also have several performance dates this spring.

But the big news is that Walrus Joe Young popped the question to Carol Donnelly — and she said yes! The couple announced their engagement at Jamie Shea's annual housewarming party April 7.

Joe and Carol, who live in Sudden Valley, outside of Bellingham (as well as in Montana, where Joe has just been transferred), told little about the romantic moment except to report that they were sitting in the sunshine at the entrance to an airplane hangar at Bellingham International Airport, where Joe taught Carol to fly several years ago.

Joe denied rumors that Carol's beautiful diamond was delivered by Fed-Ex earlier in the day.

No wedding date has been set, but the couple will be looking for a band for their wedding reception (Right!).

In other Sheehan World news, several landmark birthdays have been recorded in and around The Sheehan World family.

Lee Anne with birthday cake

Along with 50th birthdays marked by Carol Donnelly (March 22) and Bob Kerr on April 7, Lee Anne Clarke (Jamie's mom) celebrated her 80th birthday by threatening to go streaking at Bellis Fair Mall!

Other birthdays this spring include:

  • Donna Sheehan, March 1
  • Tom "Microsoft Millionaire" Cook, March 12
  • Lynne Sheehan, March 24
  • Patrick Hickey, March 29
  • Brian Beattie, March 29
  • Colleen Sheehan, April 4
  • Lola Lowman, April 5
  • George Renault, April 5
  • Paul Mahoney, April 13
  • Shirley Osterhaus, April 18
  • Barbara Dingé, April 22
  • Bill "B1" Dingée and twin sister, Marie Key, May 9
  • Whitney Best, May 12

Former Haole Boy Chuck Dingée also remembered the late, great Guy Mulford on April 4 with songs dedicated in his memory at The Wild Buffalo in Bellingham. Guy would have been 43.

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