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The Sheehan World
Vol. 13, No. 2
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Atlantic City Journalists
Reunite Near Boardwalk

(April 2007) The first-ever reunion of current and former journalists from The Atlantic City Press is expected to be an orgy of wit, friendship, fond memories, anti-intellectualism, alcohol and sand in our shoes. Did someone say something about Bob and Dan's?

Pete, Donna and Kathy photoOf course, Sheehan World publisher Kathy Sheehan will be at the reunion, as will #1 Ooooh Baby Donna Connor (seen at right with Sheehan and Pete Mattiace in 2002) whom event organizer John Froonjian says "knows more people than the Census."

According to Froonjian, a "lifer" at The Press, the list of those attending The Atlantic City Press reunion this month (along with Froonjian's descriptions -- The Sheehan World disclaims any liability for false or scandalous biographical information) includes:

  • Connie (Barrie) and Frank Corrado
  • Kathy Brennan, whose giggle was the most downloaded audio file on iTunes in 2005
  • The incomparable Cindy Burton, who negotiated a hot tub for her office in the recent Newspaper Guild talks at The Philadelphia Inquirer (Unfortunately they fired Tom Turcol to pay for it.)
  • Joe Donohue, still at the Newark Star-Ledger but creating viruses for political web sites on the side
  • Carla Linz and her death-defying liver
  • Joyce Vanaman, who retired and now writes only seven stories a week for The Press
  • Charlie Wray, who owns the original Diving Horse

Mattiace, Sheehan, Cranston, photoOf course, you couldn't have a Press reunion without TAFKAE (The Alice Formerly Known As Eckerson). Alice Cranston as she is now known, pictured below with Pete Mattiace and Kathy Sheehan in Atlantic City in 2002, will tear herself away from her grandchildren for a day or so and come out of retirement to join her colleagues in telling funny and/or creepy stories about Bob Ebener, Chuck Reynolds and others.

Also attending The Atlantic City Press reunion will be:

  • Mary Jo (Layton), member of the Bergen Record team that won a $25,000 journalism award. (Unfortunately after sharing it with reporters, editors, copyboys and subscribers, Mary Jo had to pay $175.)
  • Mike "Here Come Da" Judge
  • Debbie Lucia and Danny Drake, who has been ordered by Lucia to stop throwing their children into the poker pot
  • Bart Jones, Hugo Chavez' ghostwriter
  • Peggy and Alyn Ackermann
  • Janet Niedosik, who mellowed into a softie once she discovered the joys of making wine
  • Randy Brandt, whose views on journalism can be read in publications, on web sites and on bathroom walls across the country, and the lovely and talented Bonnie, formerly of the Hollies
  • Elaine Matsushita. REALLY!
  • Rose Ellis, New Age love goddess who found the meaning of life in the ashtray of an abandoned Chevy Impala
  • Joe Tanfani, who still doesn't give a #!$%*.
  • Mona Moore, who is laughing at us from retirement
  • Stephanie (Zatwaska), gossip columnist for the Vatican newspaper L'Osservatore Romano
  • Susan Kille and Tom Sawyer, who are in charge of hiring at The New York Times, and whose departure at the Atlantic City Press in 1977 paved the way for Sheehan's employment there
  • Chuck Dingee, Sheehan's "trophy husband" who never worked at The Press, but will be selling the Walrus CD of original classic rock music.

Sadly, some of Sheehan's favorite people from her Atlantic City days will not be attending. That includes Mattiace (not his month to travel from Colorado to New Jersey), Nicole Pensiero (something about a surgery preventing her from being there) and Carol Servino who recently moved from Oregon to Las Vegas. Ahhh, but we got pictures of some of these rascals during a trip to the East Coast a few years ago. Sheehan is still looking around for old Atlantic City photos to post ....

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