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Vol. 7, No. 5 Fall 2001
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Seek Justice, Not Vengeance

The Sheehan World cannot find anything funny and smart-aleck to say since Sept. 11. We'd like to make some black humor about anthrax, but we can't.

We are shocked, saddened and deeply concerned about the 5,000 people senselessly and wickedly murdered in New York, Pennsylvania and Washington and grieve with their families and loved ones.

We ask our readers to give generously to relief funds set up to aid the victims — and to join with the peace community in urging that those who orchestrated these despicable acts be brought to justice.

We are also deeply concerned about the U.S. government’s desire to repay violence with a military response that will only perpetuate more violence rather than promote peace.

I can't help but think of the bumper sticker on the car of a death-penalty opponent:

"Why do we kill people who kill people to teach people that killing people is wrong?"

Please visit the site of the American Friends Service Committee's No More Victims campaign and learn more about ways to respond to these unspeakable acts in a manner that promotes peace, justice and understanding. Lend your support to an effort that seeks to avoid the violent military action that seems destined to spiral out of control.

Send your donation to the No More Victims Campaign, C/O AFSC/Development, 1501 Cherry St., Philadelphia, PA, 19102. Or Call: 888-588-2372, ext. 1

Write to our nation's leaders and tell them why you oppose war. Some succinct reasons from the peace community:

"We must break the cycle of violence and retaliation, which began long before September 11. We must look at poverty, despair, and animosity toward us and how U.S. foreign policy has contributed to global inequities."

"The thousands of victims of Sept. 11 are more than enough."

"Military action such as bombing just radicalizes moderates who might otherwise turn to peaceful solutions.

"Attacking a country instead of a terrorist organization will only prove what the terrorists have been trying to say all along: that the United States is the enemy of their nation/region/religion. This will fuel the fire."

"Retaliation never works against terrorism. Clinton bombed the Sudan and Afghanistan following terrorist attacks, yet assaults just got worse."

Please give generously to the American Red Cross, the Uniformed Firefighters Association Widows' and Children Fund at 204 East 23rd Street, NY, NY 10010; the New York Firefighters' Association 9-11 Disaster Relief Fund c/o:International Association of Firefighters, PO Box 65858, Washington, D.C.; or any of the dozens of other funds set up to help the victims and our nation deal with this devastating attack.

We are all victims.

No more victims!

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