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Captain-professor snared in trades of houses and university jobs

Kathy Sheehan has been on the move again.

The Sheehan World publisher, sailor, journalist and journalism teacher has moved from Western Washington University's public information office (where she had been publications editor for two years) to a half-time teaching job in the university's journalism department.

the new house!
Chuck shows off the new house...

Sheehan, who has been teaching journalism students at Western off and on for nearly three years, said it was just a coincidence that she and her husband were able to purchase a palatial estate on Alabama Hill at the same time she was appointed to the reportedly lucrative journalism faculty job.

"There is absolutely no connection" between the financial allegations and the purchase of an allegedly palatial home, Sheehan insisted. "I just finally sold my house in Philadelphia and was able to come up with a down payment on a house in Bellingham," she stated. She refused to answer questions about her salary at WWU or discuss her opinions about the color and design of the carpet that was in the home when she purchased it.

Sunset from Kathy & Chuck's new house...

Sheehan, who also denied an allegedly friendly relationship with Bill Clinton, said the new teaching responsibilities will allow her to show student-journalists what is wrong with writing the previous "graf" as is.

She is teaching a course in news reporting this fall.

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