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Holidays with the Walrus
... and the WTO??

BELLINGHAM - Members of the retro-Beatles band, The Walrus, dined together at the last Thanksgiving meal of the century in preparation for their last gig of the millennium.

Guests at Thanksgiving dinner 1999

Counting all friends and family members, some 17 people shared a dinner of turkey, mashed potatoes, sweet potato pudding, broccoli and lots of wonderful desserts before a band rehearsal at Chuck and Kathy's home on Alabama Hill.

Family members accompanied Michael "Gravy Man" O'Neal, "Eggnog" Chuck Dingée and Jamie "Potato Lady" Shea to the potluck dinner. Bass guitarist Dave Cowan brought some home-made cranberry muffins, and vocalist/guitarist Joe Young brought enough chairs to make it a real sit-down dinner.

The band is Y2K compliant and in no way connected with the World Trade Organization or the many violent protestors who trashed downtown Seattle in early December.

Bellingham Quakers at the WTO rally in Seattle

However, Sheehan World informants believe that Dingee and his wife were part of a peaceful demonstration against the World Trade Organization in Seattle Nov. 30.

The couple, known sympathizers with labor unions and Quakers, are believed to be in the upper left of this picture of a group of Bellingham Quakers at the march.

Dingee is believed to have shaved off his moustache to be anonymous in the crowd, but Sheehan is wearing her trademark "pink" rainjacket. The two refused to comment on whether they were part of the anti-WTO protest.

Meanwhile, the Walrus is rehearsing regularly for its New Year's Eve gig at the Swinomish Yacht Club in La Conner, Wash. (Sorry, it's a private affair, not open to the public or readers of The Sheehan World.)

And Sheehan is creating a list of resolutions for the new year.

"I'm hoping to go to a regular publication schedule for The Sheehan World next year," she said.

Sheehan said she has already made some changes that include standing features such as Obituaries and Weddings which can be updated in real time, without changing the online newspaper's front page.

"I want to expand the publication to include more photo stories and a permanent spot for student journalists' work," she said. "In fact, student work from the fall quarter at Western Washington University has been posted on the journalism department server. And an archive of previous students' work should be posted soon at the same spot."

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