Asmundson shows off a 'Full Bellingham' in Cleveland

Mark and Ed in Cleveland

Bellingham Mayor Mark Asmundson, denying any knowledge about the famous fashion trend known as 'the Full Cleveland,' showed off his 'Full Bellingham' in Cleveland, Ohio, during the summer conference of U.S. mayors.

Here, in an uncharacteristic suit and tie, Asmundson is trying to convince Philadelphia Mayor Ed Rendell (right) about the benefits of white tennis shoes and blue sweater vests.

"Yo, buddy, that's not for me. What's wrong with a suit and tie? Hey, if you sell off your city's snow plows, you can afford to dress like me," the nattily attired Rendell reportedly told Asmundson during the conference. "Believe me, the people won't mind a bit."

Asmundson was skeptical, at least about the suit and tie.

"How can I possibly get from cafe to cafe all day without spilling lattes on a nice silk tie like that?" Asmundson asked Rendell, according to a reliable source who eavesdropped on the conversation. "No, I have to project the 'Full Bellingham' image. It's tennies and sweater vests for Mr. Asmundson's Neighborhood. I let my deputy wear starched shirts and shiny black shoes, though."

The same source (Sheehan Communications insisted it was not the source) told The Sheehan World that neither mayor was observed during the conference wearing either a 'half Cleveland' or a 'full Cleveland.' (White tennis shoes are not a substitute for the patent leather variety.)

Asmundson apparently took Rendell's advice about the snow plows, however. While it's true Asmundson was not in office when the city of Bellingham sold its snow plows many years ago, Bellingham's honorable mayor took no action to remove three feet of snow that paralyzed Bellingham for nearly a week during the Christmas and New Year's holidays. At least he didn't until his favorite coffee shop closed down. And several others he frequents.

Several people reportedly spotted a shaking Asmundson on State Street shouting into his cell phone: "What do you mean the lack of coffee isn't an emergency? This is Bellingham, Washington!"

Police Chief Don Pierce was seen leading Asmundson away from the shuttered Daylight Cafe moments later. No charges were made, and Asmundson was last seen driving a Public Works' Department front-end loader to one of the few coffee shops that remained opened during the snow emergency.

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