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From: Tim, Jackie, Jennie, and Jasper Sheehan

Subject: Hello there!

Date: Sat., Nov. 4, 2000

Just wanted to drop a line and say "hello" from an off-shoot of the Saugus, Mass. Sheehans. My father-in-law is Thomas Sheehan (author and the town's poet in residence) and our family lives up near Acadia National Park in Maine. We have a small farm and raise vegetables and animals (sheep, pigs, goats, cows, one chicken, too many kittens , and a crazy puppy.) I'd love to hear from other Sheehans that are into farming too! A great site, guys!

From: "Bryceson Sheehan"
Subject: A Salutation.
Date: Thu, 18 Nov 1999

Hello Kathy,

Just thought you would like to know that there are a couple more Sheehans in Eastern Ontario. Did you visit HM Barque Endeavour when it visited Vancouver BC?


Bryceson & Bernadette Sheehan
Ottawa. Canada.

From: "tdriscoll"
Subject: Sheehan search
Date: Sat, 13 Nov 1999

To Kathy Sheehan - From Mary Pat Driscoll

Hi Kathy,

I was doing some research on my Sheehan relatives and came up with this "Sheehan World" web site. I don't know if we are related, but I was looking for a William Sheehan, who was a brother of my grandmother. There were two brothers, Dan and Bill, and my grandmother Margaret Sheehan Noonan had four sisters, Mary Sheehan, Rita Sheehan Young, Elizabeth Sheehan Angle, and Mona (Monica) Sheehan Diggins. The last, Mona, died just this year, the youngest of the family at age 87. They lived in Lawrence or Lowell, MA and had a potato farm in Maine. The women of the family later moved to Rochester, NY (where I am originally from). If anyone in your family has any information regarding these Sheehans, I would be pleased to know of it.

I was impressed by your boating experience. I am also a licensed master. I have a 100 ton, inland and near coastal that I got in 1991. (I was in the CG Reserves for 11 years- search & rescue.) I worked for 5 years on the Erie Canal giving historical cruises & dinner cruises. We then moved to MA where I worked on the Blackstone River doing the same for a year. Then the Ohio River for a year and a half before my husband transferred to Kansas City, 2 1/2 years ago - where I have very limited boating opportunities, unfortunately. I always enjoy meeting other female Captains, since I run in to so few of them.

Again, if you have any Sheehan info, I'd appreciate it.


Mary Pat Driscoll

From: "Michael A. Sheehan"
Subject: Hello
Date: Sun, 7 Nov 1999


Came across your website by accident. Good to see Sheehans on the Internet.

Best wishes
Michael A. Sheehan


From: Rick Selvin RickEditor@aol.com
To: sheehan@msynergy.com
Subject: Re: new edition of the Sheehan World
Date: Mon, 25 Oct 1999


Sorry to hear about your knee. I took the photo of you "seconds before" the accident and turned it into a nice shot ... using Photoshop. It's attached for you to do with what you will!

Come visit someday!

Rick Selvin (and Flo, who is retiring Nov. 12!!!)

From: "Mike Sheehan"
To: sheehan@msynergy.com
Subject: Saying hello
Date: Tue, 15 Jun 1999

Hello there fellow Sheehans

Just surfing around and came across "Sheehan World". I believe our lot came to New Zealand around the turn of this century. We are quite a mad lot in many ways. Cousin Phil has spent time checking out our history and has an extensive file well worth reading.

A short note but we will beat you all to see in the new millennium.


Mike Sheehan, Pt Chevalier

Date: Fri, 19 Mar 1999

From: Laura Sheehan lams@telusplanet.net

Hello Kathy,

My name is Laura Sheehan and I live in Alberta, Canada. Just surfing the web and get a kick out of finding namesakes all over the U.S. and Canada.

The Sheehan's of Alberta are fairly large. As I am married into the family, I don't know the whole history but assume that we would all be somewhat related. There are many other pages of Sheehan's I have found.

Just wanted you to know we are out there and will maybe meet up someday at some kinds of reunion. Take Care.

Editor's Note:

Seems there are a fair amount of Sheehans out there using apostrophes to make plurals or otherwise fracturing basic punctuation rules.

Here's a place at WWU to learn more about the correct use of apostrophes:

Date: Mon, 22 Feb 1999 23:04:57 -0500

From: Thomas Sheehan ttomwebdesign@email.com, TTOM WEB DESIGN

Hi from New York,

I had a great time reading about the sheehan clan...

visit our site some time,


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TOM SHEEHAN WEB SITE: http://www.ttom.cjb.net
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Date: Thu, 30 Jul 1998 21:50:33 -0700
From: Billy Gene Sheehan
To: sheehan@msynergy.com
Subject: The Sheehan World


i just wanted to write you a note to let you know a fellow Sheehan from North Carolina visited your site. I really enjoyed my visit.

You may visit my web page. My index page tells about myself, my work ,where I live and I also have pages about Lighthouses- My passion. I hope you will visit.

Billy G. Sheehan
North Carolina

Date: Sat, 18 Jul 1998 10:38:36 -0400
From: Denise Bringmann
Subject: Wow, our very own newsletter!!


I hope this will take only one minute of your time. My name is Denise Sheahan Bringmann, I am in pursuit of my family tree. I am the great grandaughter of John Sheehan?Sheahan and Mary Ellen Murphy. they were married in Cork Ireland on May 6, 1883 and had 9 children, one of which was my grandfather Denis Alphonse. If any of this rings a bell please write me back. The name is not as well known as many others. thanks,


How can i get a copy of your newsletter, i have been searching for 'others like us' for over 11/2 years, with no luck really.

Date: Sat, 18 Jul 1998 12:49:10 -0400
From: Frederick Ellenberger
Subject: Sheehan relatives
we are a small branch of the Sheehan family in Louisville Kentucky, from the regal O'Sheehan Clan from Ireland. Nice to know that there are so many around the globe.
Look us up during Derby Week at record@archlou.org. See ya then!

Date: Mon, 17 Mar 1997 12:57:50 -0800
From: Maria Gallagher mgall@philly.infi.net
To: sheehan@msynergy.com
Subject: Captain Kathy

So you're a captain now? Way to go!

Does this mean that if there's a line for the head, you can go straight to the front & cut in?

Can you perform marriage ceremonies on motorized boats? Or just sailboats?

Will your nickname be "Skipper" in your obit?

Do you have to wear one of those hats with a steering wheel on it all the time? (Sorry, I don't know the proper terminology for the thing you use to steer a boat.)

Do you outrank Chuck now?

Impressed by your many accomplishments,
Maria Gallagher (who loves to sail, but still can't swim)

Date: Mon, 17 Mar 1997 16:22:02 -0500
From: Steve Prisament PRISAMENTS@postoffice.worldnet.att.net
To: Kathy Sheehan sheehan@msynergy.com
Subject: Hokey Smokers Cap


Up 'til now the only captains we knew were only the kind who could get us decent seats in crowded restaurants.

That's really great.

Keep up the good work.


From: MonaS851@aol.com
Date: Sun, 2 Mar 1997 17:34:25 -0500 (EST)
To: sheehan@msynergy.com
Subject: You're a captain!

Congratulations, CaptKathyS!!
At last, the Grand Captain of the Port Poohbahs have recognized the navigational prowess of the one, the only, Sheehan the sailor.
Will await further details in your next dispatch.

From: Nayr10@aol.com
Date: Sat, 1 Mar 1997
To: SHEEHAN@msynergy.com

CONGRATULATIONS CAPT. KATHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Date: Sat, 01 Mar 1997 08:01:00 -0500
To: sheehan@msynergy.com
From: david dingee
Subject: Captain Kathy

Congratulations: I hope to get to Bellingham some day to get a free sailing lesson. Or a cruise. Or at least a free beer.

Are you guys going to buy a boat and get into the charter business?

Keep in touch.


From: PRCathome@aol.com
Date: Sun, 2 Mar 1997 16:46:31 -0500 (EST)
To: sheehan@msynergy.com
Subject: Re: I'm a captain!

congratulations....what good news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
what's your next move? will this make you more employable and get you more sailing time?

life here is on an even keel. take care

From: "anne Sheehan" 20071988@msn.com
Date: Sun, 2 Feb 97 13:31:13 UT
To: sheehan@msynergy.com
Subject: Sheehan World

Hello from Australia.

I am on a personal journey through the web. Visiting and sometimes contacting "Sheehan" sites.

It appears that these sites fall into the intellectual & journalistic such as yours or the whimisical.

I have enjoyed this first look at your site and will drop by again.

Anne Sheehan

From: JULAW@aol.com (Julie Lawlor)
Date: Wed, 8 Jan 1997
To: sheehan@msynergy.com
Subject: letter to editor

Dear Publisher,

I love The Sheehan World. Wears me out, though, reading about all you're doing. Kayaking, sailing, hiking, dodging slugs. Geez. Give me a box of Dunkin Donuts and a channel changer and I'm happy. Guess that's why I live in New Jersey.

Gotta go take a nap,


From: John Sheehan <johns@ss.edt.gov.nt.ca>
To: 'Kathy Sheehan' <sheehan@msynergy.com>
Subject: The Sheehan World
Date: Mon, 25 Nov 96

I was wasting a cold afternoon roaming around the Internet when I came across your "newspaper". It was fascinating to see some of the things that "namesakes" from other parts of the world were up to. Looking forward to the next edition.

From the Canadian Arctic....

John Sheehan
P.O.Box 1512
Fort Smith
Northwest Territories


(PS Jan. 26:) It is cold up here (about -25C ) this morning and while I'm not on a boat, would certainly rather be sailing. That must be a trait that runs deeply. I see that you are a seasoned sailor. When I lived in Eastern Canada (Nova Scotia) I raced a lot and did a couple of Boston to Halifax races in the mid-seventies on board a C&C 35.

Hi all, I am searching for an old friend of mine I have lost Contact with. Her name is Evelyn Sheehan. She Married Kevin Sheehan in the early 80's then moved to Okinawa. I'm hoping that a Sheehan online is related to Kevin and can get a message to him. Any help and response is appreciated. I can be reached on AOL at MBurt101 and Prodigy at apyp98a

Thanks, Mark

From Rose Nerad
E-Mail: rosebud990@aol.com
Date: Oct. 29, 1995

Enjoyed your first issue of The Sheehan World. Look forward to see more.

As a fellow Bellinghamster I urge you to emphasize the amount of rain we receive here per year. (If you don't we will get way too many people moving here. Tell them that it rains all the time, sometimes we don't see the sun for three months. Say that you have to like rain to live here. Don't tell them about the cool summers and warm winters.)

Most of us would rather not have relatives move here and bring all their relative garbage with them. We would like to remain "somewhere near the coast way up north" (makes it sound remote and cold).

Also point out how you have to like slugs and zucchini, slugs eating your zucchini, zucchini in slug sauce, and about the low wages, high rents, and how many city bus drivers with at least three degrees we have --all earning $8 an hour and glad to have a job.

By the way, how often does this newspaper come out anyway? Is it a daily, weekly, monthly, semi-annual, annual or just whenever the editor damn well feels like it type of issue?

See ya,
Rosebud :)

From Loie Grossman
E-Mail: LoieG@omni.voicenet.com
Date: Oct. 27, 1995

Wow!!!! Thanks for letting me know about The Sheehan World. It's a totally awesome home page. You and Chuck just did a fantastic job. As you can tell, I'm very impressed! And also glad to hear you're doing so well.

Best wishes, Loie

From Wayne Faircloth
E-Mail: thecloth@omni.voicenet.com
Date: Oct. 19, 1995

Great pages. Well constructed and laid out.

But what's this s--- where it looks like you live in a better place than Philadelphia? I have known for years there were better places. You didn't have to move 3,000 freek'n miles away. Hell, New Jersey (the Garden State as we affectionately call it) is just across the river.

Keep up the good work and let me know when you get people to buy ads.

Editor's Note: Yo, Wayne! For you, I give a very special rate for advertising your wonderful photo business.

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