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Vol. 9, No. 1b Winter 2003
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Wedding Fever!

John and Rebecca engaged

WEYMOUTH, MA — Following behind his Uncle "Bachelor-No-More" Bob, John Sheehan Jr. has announced his engagement to Rebecca MacDonald.

photo of Rebecca and John

The couple (pictured above at Bob's wedding) plans a wedding in Massachusetts in the fall.

John, who plays a lot of golf but who collects a paycheck from Hart Supply Co. in Hingham, will be the first of the Sheehan World nephews in Massachusetts to tie the knot. (Washington nephew Tom Cook got hitched in 2001/2.)

John and Rebecca met at the swanky Sugar Shack in Boston on Nov. 25, 2000.

Almost immediately, John, who plays a lot of golf, convinced Rebecca to become a big hockey fan. The two now follow the Boston Bruins and the career of hockey great Shawn Sheehan who plays for UMass-Dartmouth where he is a junior.

The future bride, who turned 29 on Jan. 8, 2003, is the daughter of Patricia MacDonald of Cohasset, Mass., and a graduate of Wheaton College and Wellesley High School. A former pre-school teacher, Rebecca now works at the Spofford Group, an insurance agency in Hingham, and is preparing to take her broker's exam.

John, 25, who plays a lot of golf, is a graduate of Medford High and has held several jobs, including golf pro. He is the oldest son of Lynne and Commodore John Sheehan of "Meffa," Mass.

The younger John said he was planning to propose on Christmas Day 2002, "but I couldn't wait and popped the question the Sunday before."

The couple wasted no time planning for the wedding day. Rebecca has already chosen her longtime friend, Alana Murphy, to be her maid of honor as well as two bridesmaids: future sister-in-law Colleen Sheehan and a friend, Theresa Atkins.

John, who plays a lot of golf, says he will have Craig Chisholm be his best man. Rounding out the wedding party will be brother Shawn and future brother-in-law Jon MacDonald.

photo of goofy ChuckIn far away Bellingham, Wash., meanwhile, Sheehan World technical editor Chuck Dingee reacted to the news of his nephew's upcoming nuptials with a twisted lip, fearing that the couple might choose to have their wedding on or near his 50th birthday, Sept. 15.

He noted that other people have "co-opted" his birthday for the last two years with their lovey-dovey weddings.

"Doesn't young John have golf games planned for every Saturday in September?" Dingee asked. "Aaahhh, I do hope they're happy, and I wish them well," he added.

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