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The Sheehan World
Vol. 11, No. 3
The Graduation Issue - Archive Edition
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photo: graduation cap
Congratulations to:
Janis Carr
Dee Carroll
Berkeley Glasser
Kaitlin Kerr
Robbi Lundstrom
Dan Mahoney
Paulette Renault-Caragianes
Kerry Sheehan
Ryan Sheehan

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Photo: Ryan, Kerry and Danny

Grad Explosion!

(June 2005) — A record number of graduates in The Sheehan World family are commencing new lives this spring and summer.

Ryan Sheehan, Kerry Sheehan and Dan Mahoney (l-r, above) are three cousins who graduated from Medford (Mass.) High School this month and who are headed off to college to pursue health-related studies.

The bearded Ryan is taking his guitar to Bridgewater State, and Kerry, who was co-captain of the Medford High School gymnastics team, will attend Becker College in Worcester. "Dangerous Dan" improved his grades so much in his senior year that he's going to college with a scholarship.

(The three cousins were unable to attend the wedding of another cousin, Patrick Hickey, who married Liz Wetton in a beautiful ceremony May 20, because they were all at the Medford High School prom.)

Photo: paulette renault-caragianesAlso receiving degrees this spring were two nurses who earned master's degrees. Paulette Renault-Caragianes of Lowell (right), a cousin to Sheehan World publisher Kathy Sheehan, was granted a M.P.H. at Boston's Suffolk University in May in a special program for health professionals. She took her courses while working at the Lowell Community Health Center. Danielle "Nurse Dee" Carroll, who will marry Michael Mahoney in the annual Sheehan Family Wedding on Cape Cod in June 2006, also earned her master's degree from UMass-Lowell.

photo: Janis CarrStaying with that health-related theme, Bellingham's best licensed massage therapist, Janis Carr, was to receive her A.A. degree from Whatcom Community College in Bellingham, Wash., June 17 -- after a little dust-up over how the school would calculate her transfer credits. Janis, (right) who also likes to eat hot peppers, has been working on her degree and contemplating nursing school for nearly three decades. She finally wrapped up all her math requirements over the last couple of years.

Whatcom Community College was also set to hand an AA degree to Robbi Lundstrom on the same night. And Berkeley Glasser, who has racked up many credits at WCC while in high school, graduates from Sehome High School in Bellingham.

photo: Kaitlin KerrFinally, in New Jersey, the talented Kaitlin Kerr (at left) is receiving her diploma from Charter Tech High School in Somers Point and has been accepted into the University of the Arts in Philadelphia for the fall. Kaitlin is the oldest child of Donna Connor and Bob Kerr and is the salutatorian of her class, missing the No. 1 honors by a fraction of a point.

Congratulations, grads!

The Sheehan World

In memory of Joan Sheehan
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