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Publisher Is Officially Irish

Sheehan coat of armsThe Sheehan World has always been a "green" newspaper, and now it's official: Sheehan World Publisher Kathy Sheehan is an Irish citizen.

Born in Massachusetts, USA, Sheehan was able to obtain Irish citizenship because both of her paternal grandparents were born in Ireland.

The Consulate General of Ireland in San Francisco, Calif., recorded Sheehan's "foreign birth" in late 2008 and later declared her a citizen of the Irish Republic.

"It's no blarney," Sheehan quipped while sipping her Guinness. "I now have dual citizenship in Ireland and the United States."

There was almost as much paperwork for her to fill out as there was for her captain's license, but no test was required by the Irish government. She didn't even have to be Catholic!

Keep Sneem TidySheehan never knew her Irish grandparents, Mary and Thomas Sheehan, but was aided by other family members in finding their marriage certificate (1906 in Massachusetts) and Thomas' birth certificate in County Kerry (1869). Research also reveals that the Sheehans hail from Sneem, in County Kerry, where residents are quite tidy. Sheehan has visited the Irish Republic and Northern Ireland only once, in 1987, never once littering.

leprechaunCitizenship allows Sheehan to apply for an Irish passport and to live and work anywhere in the European Union. It also gives her full bragging rights to be lucky and stubborn, to shun orange clothing, and to drink Guinness for breakfast.

She has no immediate plans to do so.

She hopes to visit her "native" country again, with her husband who is half Irish and green with envy at her new status.

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