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The Sheehan World
Vol. 15, No. 2 2009
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Annual Sheehan Family Weddings on Cape Cod:

2009: Year of the Nephews

Two nephews getting married, and a great-nephew expected to be born in 2009 have caused The Sheehan World to declare 2009 the Year of the Nephews. The good news comes from both sides of The Sheehan World family.

Shawn Sheehan and Alica DAgostinoNephew Shawn Sheehan plans to wed Medford, MA, native Alicia Dagostino in September, bringing another nurse into the family. Alicia works at Mass General Hospital.

Alicia and Shawn have known each other most of their lives. Shawn's Dad, aka Grandpa John Sheehan, coached the hockey team that Shawn and Alicia's brothers played on, and John Jr. worked at the D'Agostino's Deli a few years back. (Shawn reportedly lasted as a deli employee about four days.)

Alicia confesses to having a crush on the hockey-player-who-still-has-his-teeth for a number of years, but it took Shawn's cousin, Merri O'Keefe, who works with Alicia, to set up Shawn and Alicia on a date in 2007. Shawn and Alicia have been together ever since.

No word yet on whether Silent Season, the band in which Shawn's brothers Ryan and Brendan Sheehan play, will be playing Alicia's and Shawn's first dance as husband and wife.

There's been a lull in the Annual Sheehan Family Wedding since Dee and Mike tied the knot in 2006. The Sheehan World and PhotoSynergy plan to be in Massachusetts to cover the event.

Then there's nephew Bill Dingee III, aka B3, who says he will marry Lema Gideon in April near their home in Mesa, AZ.

Bill Dingee 3rd, Lema GideonThe prospective bride also met her man through her brothers. B3 has a group of friends who hail from the Marshall Islands, and he introduced himself to the shy sister of one of them a couple of years ago.

Lema and Bill plan to have the father of the groom sing karaoke at their wedding because the classic rock band Walrus is not available to travel to Arizona. The Sheehan World and PhotoSynergy will capture the event in photos and words.

And the new great-nephew who will make his appearance in 2009? That would be BNT, aka Tom and Kendra Cook's "Baby Number Two." BNT is expected to be introduced to Princess Paige in March.

BNT's Great Auntie Kathy and Great Uncle Chuck are looking forward to his arrival.

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