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Santa moves to "Meffa"
and takes tree with him

photo of Xmas tree on Verdun St.

Photo by Bob Sheehan

Santa Claus, who bears a remarkable resemblance to Whitey Bulger and "the Dad," moved his headquarters in December to Medford, Mass.

Santa was aided by three very tall elves with the surname Sheehan as he vacated his longtime home in Cambridge, Mass.

"They don't have a hot tub in Meffa, but it's a pretty nice place, with plenty of room for all my kids," Santa said in an exclusive interview with The Sheehan World.

Also helping with the major relocation was a certain Mrs. Moe, now a certified nurse's aid, who calls Santa "the mayor." Bragging about her two youngest sons (pictured below), Mrs. Moe arranged for Santa to have all the comforts of home at his new headquarters.

photo of Paul Mahoney
Paul Mahoney (above) and Dan Mahoney (right)
photo of Dangerous Dan Mahoney

Meanwhile, Santa's relatives in Washington state celebrated the Christmas holiday with family and friends. A photo slide show was created just to show readers of The Sheehan World.

The Sheehan World wishes you and yours a safe, happy and sober New Year!

Send your questions about cooking, love, the New Year or hot tubs to Dr. N. Thracks at

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