Ruth writes reliably
again about affiliating
& connecting with comrades in cafes, communes, concerts, comedy clubs, country clubs and coming-out parties!

Dr. Ruth Harvey, counseling psychologist to the socially awkward everywhere, has published her third book on the dozens of ways and hundreds of places to make new friends.

Connecting In San Francisco (cover shot)

Connecting in San Francisco, 693 great places to enjoy yourself and meet new people is the product of many months of research, writing and editing by Harvey, of Philadelphia, and Diane deCastro of the Bay Area.

"Herb Caen would have gotten a kick out of Connecting in San Francisco," said San Francisco Mayor Willie L. Brown, Jr., "because it seeks to accomplish much of what Herb did on a daily basis: provide links between people in their communities and strengthen the shared fabric of our lives in this city."

The book, on sale in bookstores throughout California, is San Francisco's first guide to interactive places and activities for art lovers, folkies, opera lovers, senior citizens, Gen X'ers, singles, intellectuals, women flyfishers, hot-dog skiiers, newcomers, old timers, business people, homemakers and just about everyone.

Like Connecting in Philadelphia, Connecting in San Francisco is based on the philosophy that you will have a much better chance of meeting compatible people if you look for them while you're doing your favorite activities. In addition to the huge listings of interactive clubs, organizations and activities, Harvey provides sensible tips on how to successfully interact with the people who share your passions.

Harvey and deCastro will be signing their new book at 2 p.m. Saturday, Jan. 10, at Borders in Union Square.

Harvey, who gives workshops in sociable interaction, is at work on two other "Connecting" books to be published in Seattle and Washington, D.C., next year.

Connecting in San Francisco is available at special quantity discounts on bulk purchases. For more information, e-mail Harvey at <> or contact Offtime Press at 415-292-5230, or at 41 Sutter St., Suite 1763, San Francisco, CA 94109.

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