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Bills invade

BELLINGHAM - Relatives named Bill have invaded Chuck and Kathy's hillside home here in record numbers since the fall of 1999.

The most recent Bill to visit, Bill Dingee, aka "B-2," arrived just before St. Patrick's Day with his lovely wife Linda.

Linda and Bill at Capilano Bridge, Vancouver, B.C.

The Indiana couple - for once - didn't cause any problems and didn't make excessive demands on their hosts. In fact, they were the perfect house guests, even agreeing to help kill and eat the legions of carpenter ants that had invaded Chuck and Kathy's kitchen!

Linda and Bill kept busy by taking day trips around the area with Chuck and Kathy, including a trip to the suspension bridge at Capilano in Vancouver, B.C.

Will Sheehan, aka Grampa and Dad, spent five days sampling the February sunshine in Washington state after escaping from the snow and ice of Cambridge, Mass.

Kathy and Will Sheehan at Deception Pass, in front of the biggest cedar tree the elder Sheehan had ever seen.

We had a picnic lunch by the water in February!

Dad, who insists he is not Whitey Bulger, the Boston mafia fugitive, was nonetheless accompanied by his youngest son, Robert, believed to be his bodyguard and involved with a computer programming scheme involving table tennis. The two crossed the border into Canada with Chuck and Kathy, purportedly to eat sushi.

No one who knows Will Sheehan will believe that the 83-year-old World War II veteran ate raw fish, but The Sheehan World has obtained an exclusive photo showing a foursome dining at ToJo's in Vancouver, B.C.

In October, Bill "B-1" Dingee and Billy "B-3" Dingee visited Bellingham for the wedding of Liz Cook to Mark Best.

Their visit was a reunion of sorts for the three known grandchildren of B-1.

Tom, B1 and B3 in Bellingham The two grandsons, Tom Cook, left, and B-3, surround "Uncle Grandpa" outside Chuck and Kathy's home.

There's only one close Bill relative left who hasn't visited Chuck and Kathy yet.

And we have only one thing to say, Billy:

Get yer butt out here next summer! And bring Donna, Kerry and Brian!

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