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Vol. 8, No. 4
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CAMBRIDGE, MA — Stop the presses! Robert is getting married!

photo or RobertThe last of the six Sheehan siblings is shucking singledom. Robert Sheehan shall wed a native Cape Codder in September.

"I put the TV on 'mute' and just popped the question," the romantic Robert told The Sheehan World in an exclusive interview. "I had just beaten her at tennis, so I thought that was the least I could do."

The bride-to-be is Rosemary "Rich Chick" Komenda, a financial bigwig with Akamai Technologies in Cambridge who regularly refers to her bourgeois bachelor boyfriend as Bob, or even Bobby.

photo of Rosemary

"He was already called Bob when I first met him," regal Rosemary claimed. "Some of his friends actually like to call him Bobby. I've been known to also."

Bob's boating bride-to-be also insisted that she was not responsible for Robert's "retirement" from his job at Prospero/Delphi late last year.

"It is not true that I wanted him as a stay-at-home husband. Rumor has it he tried to steal the Ping-Pong table and was let go for disciplinary reasons," she revealed. (Robert has since become gainfully employed again in Cambridge.)

Bob and bride are budgeting for a big bash on the beach in Osterville, MA, renting a real rose of house for a weekend-long wedding ritual.

The betrothed couple created a chic Wedding Web site elsewhere on The Sheehan World where you can see and learn more about this historic event.

To send spiffy, seaworthy salutations to Robert and Rosemary, write to them at The Sheehan World:


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