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The Sheehan World
Vol. 12, No. 2
Archive Edition
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PRWeb Presents
Art Show in Ferndale

(JUNE 2006) Digitally manipulated photographs of fireworks and machinery gears, untouched photos of brilliant Northwest sunsets and nature, pencil drawings and vibrant oil paintings of the night sky will be featured in an art show at PRWeb, the innovator and acknowledged leader in online press release distribution.

Editors, programmers and other employees at PRWeb's corporate headquarters in Ferndale, Wash., have collaborated to present their independent art work at a show entitled, "Off the Queue: What We Do When David Is Flying Kites."

Among those participating in the PRWeb art show are internationally known photographer, editor and Italian aspartame maker Paolo Mottola Jr., aka "Mr. PRWeb;" editor, actor and podcaster Christopher Key; Terry Kaye, an editor, podcaster and PRWeb SCRABBLE challenger; and managing editor Kathy Sheehan, publisher of The Sheehan World and a principal photographer with Photo Synergy. All four online press release editors have contributed photographs of scenes from Arizona to Alaska, from a stark, untouched view of the snow-covered forest at Lake Padden to a collection of digitally manipulated images from Vancouver, B.C.'s, annual International Fireworks Festival. Sheehan's 2005 photograph of raindrops on a creek in Ketchikan, Alaska, is shown above.

From PRWeb's innovative IT and Hacky Sack department, Kevin Nielsen will exhibit several paintings influenced by Vincent Van Gogh, and Jed Reynolds contributed a penguin-free digital photograph representing the gears that drive the Linux operating system.

Lauren Miller, a blogger, PRWeb editorial intern and Western Washington University's journalism department outstanding graduate for 2006, and Mike Karkabe-Olson, one of PRWeb's night and weekend editors, and receptionist Lynda Main have also contributed to the first ever art show at PRWeb. Miller will show two photographs, including a stunning sunset over Bellingham Bay taken from the WWU campus. Karkabe-Olson contributed a drawing from his light-deprived world and his son Thasseus' sculpture.

About The Sheehan World:

The Sheehan World is not a blog, does not yet have a blog and should not be referred to as "Kathy's narcissistic newspaper." The Sheehan World is the world's leading online newspaper for all things important in Kathy Sheehan's world and has been in continuous circulation since 1995.

The Sheehan World

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