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The Sheehan World
Vol. 10, No. 2 Fall 2004
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It's a boy!
V2.0 is youngest member
of Hyannis Yacht Club

Hyannis, Mass. — The Board of Directors of the Hyannis Yacht Club called a special membership meeting to induct Aidan Jeffrey Sheehan (right) as its youngest member.

AJ, also known as Sheehan V2.0, was reportedly accepted unanimously as a junior helmsman following his birth in Boston Sept. 15, 2004 to Rosemary and Bob Sheehan of Cambridge and Osterville.

Weighing in at seven pounds, 14 ounces, AJ pronounced his first words in the delivery room: "Anchor's Aweigh!"

Baby Aidan J. Sheehan
Aidan J. Sheehan

Proud Daddy quickly issued an e-mail alert to friends and family: "2.0 Full Release now in production."

With beta testing of V2.0 finally over, Mommy quickly put a sailor's cap on the Virgo infant, who has lots of dark hair, and large hands and feet.

photo of Rosemary and Aidan






Proud grandparents are Nancy and Jeff Komenda who plan to put AJ to the test on their sailboat in Florida where AJ is believed to have been conceived last winter.

Aidan joins 11 other Sheehan cousins in Massachusetts, including Colleen Sheehan, who married Chris McCarthy on Sept. 4. (See exclusive wedding photos by Donna Connor and Kathy Sheehan, only on The Sheehan World.) And he has lots of aunts and uncles, including Uncle Chuck, who will have the same birthday as AJ.

The Sheehan World has conducted extensive computer algorithms and state-of-the-art probability calculations to determine what AJ will look like when he's old enough to take a sailboat out alone on the Charles River or in Hyannis Harbor. Results show him sporting a retro '70s look and that long, dark hair (right).

"I think he's going to look exactly like his father," said Sheehan World publisher Kathy Sheehan.

photo of AJ or Bob?



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