Students Nominated for Awards

Thirteen Western Washington University students have been nominated for the 1997 "Great Ledes" and "Press Hat" awards contest.

The students, all enrolled in a grueling, five-credit news reporting class, showed outstanding writing ability and/or street smarts during the spring quarter. Some hooked their readers with vivid, accurate and compelling ledes. Others wowed their readers and editor with skillfull interviewing techniques and with creative and innovative ways to uncover important detail and other information for strong news stories.

Awards will be announced Wednesday, June 4.

The Sheehan World publisher also announced today (in the dreaded, passive voice) that J-304 students whose enterprise stories warrant a B- grade or better are eligible to have those stories published on the Internet.

The students nominated for the "Great Ledes" award are:

Nominated for the "Press Hat" award were:

Nominations of other J-304 students for the awards, including self-nominations, will be accepted until May 30.

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