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Love that selfie!

Kathy Sheehan selfieThe Sheehan World is seeking selfie photographers for its 20th anniversary issues in 2015.

In keeping with the mission of the world's leading online newspaper for Kathy Sheehan's world, all Sheehan friends and relatives are encouraged to submit their selfies to share with readers of The Sheehan World.

The Sheehan World is now 20 years old! So show us some Sheehan love! Here are some of our favorites from 2014 and earlier.

East Sound selfie

Lopez Solstice pic

Aboard SV HoriZEN in East Sound on a sunny and windy day (top) and on Lopez Island for the Summer Solstice Sail with our new boat partners, Jennifer and Terry.

selfie with the Buttons

Pink Boat Regatta picture

CaptKathy went blueberry-picking with Jesse and Nancy Button (top) on Orcas Island and crewed with Julie Stuart for the Pink Boat Regatta in September.

Barnes & Clark Islands

Mt. Baker picture

Chuck and Kathy goofing on Labor Day Weekend at Barnes and Clark Islands (top) and on a hike at Mt. Baker.

IamWalrus photo

Kerry and Kathy

At left: Who wears the tusks in this family?

Above: Beautiful bride, Kerry (Sheehan) Coluntino.


Dingees and me

Enjoying a walk in the park with the Dingees visiting from Indiana.

The Sheehan World is the world's leading online newspaper for Kathy Sheehan's world and has been in virtually continuous circulation since 1995.

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